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Where is Human Conscience? The Sad Story of 21 Years Old Ezinneamaka Ejiofor

Ezinneamaka Ejiofor is a 21 year old girl from a humble background in Olo, Ezeagu local Government Area of Enugu State. According to Ezinneamaka, she has always nursed the idea of becoming a baker cum interior decorator. In a quest to achieve her desired dream, she left her home town to the city (Enugu City) in search of a job to help her fund her dreams. She counted herself so lucky to have found an uncompleted building where she sheltered while searching for a job. Ezinneamaka succeeded in finding a shop where she became a salesgirl on a monthly salary of ₦13,000. There, she resumed work on April, 2020. With heart full of hopes, she believed that things would get better with time and as well, turned the uncompleted building to a home.

Ezinne Ejiofor had worked for barely 2 months and had only received the first month salary when the unfortunate happened. On the 2nd day of June, 2020, 21 years old Ezinne Ejiofor was in her work place hoping for the previous month’s (May, 2020) salary while also attending to the day’s business when a customer arrived the shop. Meanwhile, they deal on foodstuff, mostly tomato paste and bags of rice. According to Ezinne, the purported customer demanded for a total of 10 cartons of tomato paste valued ₦75,000, each carton sells for ₦7,500. The customer having no cash on him, decided to pay through mobile transfer. She then called her boss and informed him of the transaction about to ensue. She also gave the phone to the said customer to have a one-on-one discussion with her boss. According to 21 year old Ezinne, the purported customer showed her a successful transaction message displayed on the screen of his phone after he was assumed to have done the transfer of ₦75,000 to her boss’s account. Finally, his purchased products, that is, 10 cartons of tomato paste were packed in his car and he zoomed off.
Few minutes later, her boss called to inform her that he has not gotten any alert in respect to the transaction. To cut the long story short, what was assumed to be a delay due to network error turned out to be a scam as days passed without the money dropping into her boss’s account.

Here comes the big question, who will bear the loss? Ezinne Ejiofor became solely the victim of the whole circumstance as her boss insisted she wilould pay fully for the loss, either by raising the money from elsewhere or by working without being paid. Her last salary has not been paid, she is hungry, she has no other means of livelihood. Her dreams are shattered. It will take her half a year to pay completely for the loss of ₦75,000 judging by her monthly salary of ₦13,000. This equally means she has to go hungry for the whole six months.
Worst still, Ezinne may become another victim of rape and murder if the wicked and the heartless come to discover she resides in such a desolate and unsafe uncompleted building, She can also become another suicide victim if she fails to find assistance and reliable source of livelihood.



Visiting her residence even got me more disturbed than the ₦75,000 naira debt, the main reason that made me pickup my pen and paper to write on her behalf. I’m also being very careful not to disclose where she resides because everyone; the good, the bad and the ugly may be reading this write up. Don’t hesitate to request to know where she lives if you are truly of good heart. I am blaming neither Ezinneamaka for the loss nor the boss that insisted she would pay for the loss, but blame whatever reason that made the money not to have reflected in the said account.

On her behalf, Estates and Nature is requesting the assistance of kind hearted individuals to help achieve the following:

1. Help Ezinne pay off her debt of ₦75,000.
2. Help Ezinne secure a descent accommodation.
3.  Help enroll Ezinne to learn Bakery and Interior Decorations, thus achieving her dream.
4. Provide Ezinne with some cash for her feeding and upkeep for the time being.

For more enquiries on how to assist Ezinne Ejiofor, call 09034327433.

Estate and Nature will publish the names of all helpers in our Blog and our Social Media Platforms. We will equally update helpers on progresses made so far through these platforms (Facebook and Tweeter).

Thank you and stay blessed.

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