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Newly Repaired Bridge Culvert Turns to a Dumpsite for Worn Out Tires

IMG_20191226_175532The Newly Repaired Bridge Culvert

The newly repaired  bridge culvert connecting Golf Estate Phase I Extension to Phase I and Phase II of the Estate has become a dumpsite for worn out tires.

The bridge culvert collapsed not long ago but through the intervention of the State Government, was repaired and made accessible to ease traffic within the Enugu Metropolis especially this festive season. The bridge culvert is also one of the vital routes connecting GRA to Trans Ekulu, two important areas within the heart of the Coal City.

Presently, vulcanizers have converted the newly repaired bridge to a dumpsite for worn out tires.

Worn out Tires Dumped under the Bridge

As a matter of fact, materials present in tires are non biodegradable and also non water soluble. If the trend continues, the dumped tires will accumulate to an extent of causing obstructions to normal water flow. More so, if a prompt action is not taken, the water channel may become  a refuse dump thereby leading to not only pollution of the environment, but also possible collapse of the bridge once again.

IMG_20191226_175431 Obstruction of Water Flow

There is need to safeguard our environment from ungodly acts before they become norms. A stitch in time saves nine!

Please share until it gets to the appropriate authority for immediate and proper action.

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