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Estates and Nature, a Decent Combination for Environmental Beautification.

An Estate is defined by Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English as an area where houses or buildings of a similar type have all been built together in a planned way; while Oxford Dictionaries defined Nature as the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape and other features and products of the earth as opposed to human or human creation. From the preceding definitions, ‘Estates and Nature’ seem to be in more disunity than unity.

Apart from financial considerations, “beauty and serenity” are the other major factors one considers while searching for a place to reside. Whereas artificial beauty and serenity can be created in Estates through manipulation of nature by humans, natural beauty and serenity offered only by nature, can never be created but can only be destroyed. This is because Nature remains what it is – Nature.

Estate about to subdue Nature

As it concerns urbanization, Estates and Nature are two opposing factors because for one to survive, the other has to die. In Enugu for instance, Golf, Diamond and Valley Estates were forest reserves,  that is, these areas once existed as natural habitats for wildlife but the creation of these Estates led to the destruction of these forest reserves. In other cases, highlands are being excavated and leveled in other to provide level lands for buildings.

IMG_20191215_164210Urban Area of Enugu State, Nigeria

In all honesty, man will not continue to live in that era when major areas of the earth are occupied by grasses and trees, this is  because urbanization is inevitable. The problem of the world today especially in Nigeria is that Estates do not consider Nature, as a result, Nature is almost  totally eliminated.

Although i’m not a Geography or an Environmental pro, the little knowledge I was able to acquire made me realize that tree canopies and highlands help in protecting buildings against lightening and thunder storms, also they help in breaking the speed of the wind causing it to have less disastrous effects on buildings. Another importance of trees in the environment is that they provide shelters which help in keeping the environment cool. It simply means that in the absence of these natural gifts, disasters will have more devastating effects on the environment. In some areas, Onitsha in Anambra State of Nigeria for instance, natural habitats no longer exist.

IMG_20191218_091103A Highland  being devoured in Enugu State, Nigeria

Apart from protections from natural disasters, Nature adds its own style of beauty and serenity to Estates, without the green hills surrounding Golf, Diamond and Valley Estates, they would have had different appearances which definitely will  not reflect similar beauty and serenity which they presently present.

In Estate planning, a due consideration should be given to Nature because it’s more of a friend than a foe to the Estates’ environs. Urbanization should take due consideration of Nature to which aids it will run in times of natural disasters.

Thus in other to achieve the desired beautiful and serene environment, there is a need to strike a balance between Estates and Nature, both must coexist and none should be eliminated.

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