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A Tour around Beautiful and Serene Estates in Enugu – Golf Estate.

More often than not, one’s home is a definition of the individual’s personality. It’s a fact well established  that environments affect both physical and mental development in children as well as behaviors in both adults and children. One’s manner of communication, perception, reasoning and sense of judgment, in most cases, is a reflection of the individual’s environment. Except for financial constraints, virtually every individual would have chosen to reside in serene environment free from violence, crime and pollutions.

Enugu, the Coal City is undoubtedly one of the quietest cities in Nigeria. The city code named “042” derived from its Old Nigerian Telecommunications Limited (NITEL) Area Code, is uniquely serene and peaceful. Although the city is generally regarded quiet, some areas within the city bear this characteristic quietness more than others. A tour around the Coal City to have a glimpse of these beautiful and serene Estates with those natural features that make them unique will surely convince you.


IMG_20191124_111530Entrance into Golf Estate through SARS Office

Golf Course Estate is one of the residential areas in Enugu City. The Estate, almost engulfed by the three axis of the Enugu-Onitsha Express way, is well known for its unique serenity and quietness. Bordered by Melina Close, the three axis of Enugu-Onitsha Express way and of course, the Golf  Club section of the Enugu Sports Club from which it derived its name, the Estate occupies a diverse landmass. This beautiful estate, created out of woods not less than twelve years ago, still wears a virgin outlook and continuously gets bigger, better and more beautiful, all thanks to new buildings springing up almost on daily bases.

Golf Estate comprises of three main Phases:
1. Phase I
2. Phase I Extension and
3. Phase II
Phase I of the Estate is the most primitive of the three phases. It comprises of sets of Duplexes with extensive compounds. These buildings bear almost similar structural designs.
Phase I Extension of the Estate comprises of buildings without near resemblances. This area is more of a free world where one can create and erect his imaginary building plan with little or no restrictions.
Phase II of the Estate comprises more of 2 to 3 bedroom flats mostly built as four flats in one compound. These structures have nearly  similar architectural designs.
Rent in Golf Course Estate may vary between ₦350,000 to ₦1.5million per annum.

The most attractive sights from almost every corner of the Estate are the beautiful hills that form natural fences around the Coal City. Sighting these hills from the comfort of one’s balcony makes the heart beat in thoughts of adventures of mountain hike and climbing. At the apexes of some of these hills are mounted Telecommunication Masts which make the sight even more adorable.

golf 9Golf Course

From time immemorial, aside the ancient boundary stones, nature on its own uses its resources such as water bodies, mountains, cliffs and valleys to create boundaries. Golf Course Estate has its own fair share of boundaries formed by water bodies. Demarcating the Estate from one of its nearest neighbors, Osimiri Street, is the “Osimiri”, a shallow but fast flowing stream that provides water for laundries, horticulture, car wash and to an extent, recreation.
At one of the extremes of the Estate, where it shares boundaries with the “Old GRA” is the Golf Course Field, a combined creation of nature and man. The field of green grasses with occasional shrubs and trees providing temporary shelters for golfers, put simply, can make a fresher some few minutes late to work.


These include Educational, Medical, Business and Recreational Facilities; Churches and Worship centers.

Educational Facilities
1. Royal Orchard First School.
2. Silverbrook International School.
3. George and Liviah Academy.
4. Precious Child First School.
5. Quaardan Educational Foundation.

Health Care Facilities
1. Crystal Hospital and Maternity Home.
2. Pearl Dental Clinic and Bracers Center.
3. Phremit Pharmacy.

Recreational and Hospitality Facilities
1. De Angelo Hotel and Resort.
2. Tamara Guest Inn.
3. Apple Lodge and Resort.
4. Top Ten International Hotel.
5. Golf Le’Meridien Hotels.
6. Golfex Exquisite Suits.
7. Penny Hills Hotel and Resort.
8. Doron’s Gate Hotels.
9. Silicon Valley Resort.
10. Best Choice Hotel and Suits.

Business Facilities
1. Enugu International Trade Fair Complex with a flight of forty stores.
2. Vee-Tek Groups, makers of Vee-Tek Pipes.
3. Tonimas Filling Station.
4. All Safe Global Filling Station.

Religious and Worship Centers
The most prominent church in Golf Course Estate is the Holy Spirit Catholic Church. Others are St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Watchman Catholic Fellowship, and  the Redeemed Christian Fellowship.

Security Agency
1. The Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). This Security Agency’s office is situated in Golf Estate. It provides the entire Golf and its neighboring Estates with adequate security thus one of the major reasons for their unique calmness.

The major shortfall of this Estate is lack of water supply from the State’s Water Corporation. Majority of buildings within the estate lack water supply thus residents depend on boreholes and commercial water dealers.

More Pictures from Golf Estate

DSC01129Golf  Course

IMG_20191116_122159A Street in Golf Estate

IMG_20191122_193650Hill View from Golf Estate

DSC01169Holy Spirit Parish, Golf Estate (still under construction)

IMG_20191126_072802A Street in Golf Estate

IMG_20191117_153411A street in Golf Estate

IMG_20191117_145724A  Lovely Building in Golf Estate

IMG_20191117_153341A lovely building in Golf Estate

IMG_20191118_085310Another section of the Golf Course

The pictures are taken randomly from different locations of the Estate.

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